Pads for Armrest

Pads for Armrest

  • Slip over armrests for added patient comfort.
  • Converts chair to feel more like a recliner in recovery.
  • Sealed seams and easily removable for cleaning.
  • Sold as a pair.

IV Pole for Procedure Chair

  • Inserts into any corner socket on chair for flexibility.
  • Simply snaps into socket with thumb button.
  • Storage tube available to store pole.
  • One hand operation.

Foot Rest for Procedure Chair

  • Foot rest for Procedure Chair
  • Fits either contour recline or contour vertex
  • Folds down in bed position to support patients feet.
  • When in chair position provides feet support.
  • Removable cover for easy cleaning.

Contour Vertex Stretcher Chair

A stretcher chair with accurate head positioning and clear access for Eye, ENT, Plastics or Dental.
  • Treatment and transfer chair with infinitely adjustable headrest for Eye, ENT, Plastics and Dental
  • Ultra thin headrest design for best surgeon clearance
  • Choice of flat or scalloped head cushion
  • 18 – 33 inch height range with lie-flat and forward / reverse tilt
  • 30.7 x 45.3 inch overall size sitting (69.3 inch long while lying)
  • Wider top option available
  • 4 inch thick premium, removable mattress cushion
  • User friendly, long life battery operation
  • 660Lb weight capacity
  • Glide-away dropsides with no protrusions
  • Steer/brake pedals on both sides
  • Sockets on all four corners for many accessories
  • Twin wheel 6 inch castors with double steer
  • Choice of armrest colors for easy identification

Adjustable Arm Rest for Stretcher Chairs

  • Padded Adjustable Arm-board.
  • Converts chair for dialysis patients.
  • Converts chair to a comfortable option for long IV Chemotherapy Treatments.
  • Simply clips on armrest with no other clamps needed.

Contour Recline Stretcher Chair

A versatile chair to streamline medical procedures and recovery across many healthcare facilities.
  • Multi-purpose treatment and transfer chair for ER, OR surgery, treatment rooms and medical clinics
  • 18 – 33 inch height range with lie-flat and forward / reverse tilt
  • 30.7 x 45.3 inch overall (68.9 inch lying flat)
  • 25.6 inch wide seat with 4 inch wider option
  • 4 inch thick premium, removable mattress
  • User friendly, long life battery operation
  • 660Lb weight capacity
  • Glide-away dropsides with no protrusions
  • Steer/brake pedals on both sides
  • Sockets on all four corners for many accessories
  • Twin wheel 6 inch castors with double steer
  • Choice of armrest colors for easy identification

OOK Snow

The result of a close collaboration with healthcare professionals

By providing insight into unmet needs, hundreds of healthcare professionals helped us design the new generation of hospital beds: the ook snow.

With its 360 approach on fall prevention and infection control, this low-height bed now satisfies your most demanding needs in a way that’s remarkably intuitive. Whether you’re in a med-surg or high acuity care unit, your highest standards will be completely redefined. Discover the ook snow now.


Unlocking the full potential of a hospital bed

Have you ever imagined a hospital bed that would accommodate all patients throughout multiple care environments? It is now possible with the ook snow ALL.

With its one-step width expansion system, increased weight capacity, and low height, the ook snow ALL offers a game-changing standardization possibility. Through an innovative design and exceptional versatility, this new all-in-one bed will fulfill the needs of all your patients, staff, and your institution. Discover the ook snow ALL now.


Ook Snow MH

Enhanced safety for patients and staff

With the ook snow MH, you do not have to choose between safety and clinical performance. Thoughtfully designed to minimize ligature risks, this advanced hospital bed adapts to your behavioral health needs. It is perfectly suited for low and high observation environments such as geriatric or med psych units, emergency departments and detention centers.


Designed for the most challenging situations

The Max Secure was designed with the upmost details to maximize safety, security, and reduce possibilities of self-harm. Built for safe rooms, detention centers or dedicated psychiatric units, this platform bed allows you to address behavioral health needs in a safe and dignified way.

RESC-U bed

A medical bed that helps you face emergencies

The urgency surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic made us all realize the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. In these times of crisis, the whole Umano Medical team quickly came together to design a product that would help hospitals face the most urgent situations. That is how the RESC-U bed was born. Designed for urgent patient care and recovery, the RESC-U bed provides a timely response to emergencies and disasters. Its efficient stackable design allows for quick production, shipping and storage. This way, you always have the right equipment when you need it most!

OOK Cocoon

Welcome to a high-quality bed that promotes residents’ safety and well-being

Whether you’re in a skilled nursing facility or a long-term acute care facility, we know you strive to provide your residents with nothing but excellence. That is why we offer a high-quality low height bed that helps to maintain their dignity and autonomy. The ook cocoon also helps you provide a safe environment for your residents with its state-of-the-art design and advanced technologies such as an integrated bed exit system.


Components Sit Flush Within Panel System to Increase Room Cleaning Efficiencies

Our EASE Modular Windows are designed to fit a variety of spaces, flush-mounted within our modular walls. The optional electronic privacy feature allows staff to easily control the privacy of a room while keeping the aesthetic appeal of doors and windows.

UVC Disinfection

Single-Cycle, Whole-Room Disinfection

By offering the most extensive choices of UVC on the market, Skytron has the ideal UVC disinfection systems to fill the need of any environment by reducing microorganisms. With four UVC models to choose from, Skytron meets every need and every budget. Through effective, single-cycle, whole-room disinfection, Skytron UV delivers more power and efficiency, ensuring proper disinfection and increased staff workflow productivity.


Ability To Hermetically Seal the Room To Help Keep Particulate Matter Out

Our EASE Modular Doors come in a variety of different options and applications. They offer a touchless option making entry and exit easy for patients and staff. The doors can be sliding or hinged and can be automatic or manual.

Custom Stainless Solutions

Brilliant Healthcare Solutions

Skytron offers custom stainless storage solutions to help organize your OR.

Modular Walls

Hygienic Customizable Walls

Our EASE Modular hospital walls are made of steel or glass, with a variety of colors and design options to give a prestigious look and high-tech atmosphere typically associated with modern OR design. With over 200 graphic motifs, we are sure to find one that fits your facility.


Bringing Clear and Precise Images to Every Procedure

Skytron’s flat-screen displays will bring clarity and accuracy to every procedure. Each of our displays is designed to deliver high image resolution and quick video response times, and provide the surgical team the ability to perform each procedure with precision.

LENS RTLS Tracking

Improving Patient And Staff Experiences

Skytron LENS is a Real-Time Location System (RTLS) specifically designed to instantly boost productivity, lower equipment costs, and improve workflow. LENS is easy to use and install, providing administrators with real-time, actionable information to improve business processes that impact patient care and operational efficiency. All while limiting staff frustration by seamlessly integrating into daily routines.

Video Integration

Space Saving and Budget Friendly

Managing the complex array of technologies within the operating room is crucial to delivering patient care and ensuring positive surgical outcomes. SkyVision video integration systems work alongside staff to improve surgical workflow, leveraging technology for high-performance and efficiency.

Washer Chemical System

Automated Distribution System for Bulk Chemistry

The EZChem system minimizes chemical waste, eliminates washer downtime, eliminates handling of harsh chemical concentrates, and improves workplace safety.

Stainless Products

Upgrade Your Sterile Processing Department

We offer very durable and high-quality stainless steel products to help sterile processing departments accomplish their day-to-day objectives.

Processing Sinks

The Perfect Height-Adjustable Solution For a Busy Processing Department

Our height-adjustable processing sinks complement your disinfection processes and offer either right to left or left to right workflow capabilities. We offer single, dual, or triple basins to fit your exact needs.

Prep & Pack Workstations

Prep & Pack Workstations

Standing in one position for hours on end, or using a workstation designed for someone else, can lead to uncomfortable neck or back pain and unsatisfied employees. Put your facility’s well-being in mind, and choose a Prep & Pack table that easily adjusts to the various physical attributes and requirements of the human body – ultimately achieving better health and employee longevity.

Sterling Washer-Disinfectors

Setting the Standard for Sterile Processing

The Skytron Sterling washer disinfector series streamlines and automates the decontamination process of surgical instruments. With unsurpassed efficiency and flexibility, the Skytron Sterling washers reduce utility consumption and maximize usable floor space.

Integrity Sterilizers

Increased Throughput, Higher Productivity

Skytron is the first in the market to offer an integrated water conservation system, reducing water consumption by 35% to 65%. Also, process up to two times more than the competition in a smaller footprint. We offer three different sizes of Skytron Integrity Sterilizers so we can outfit your Sterile Processing Department with exactly what you need.

Flex Ultrasonic Washer Disinfector

Load, Start, Clean, Repeat

The Skytron Flex Ultrasonic Washer was designed with versatility and throughput in mind. This surgical instrument washer-disinfector can process large loads with non-proprietary trays, and run mixed loads of cannulated, non-cannulated, and robotic instruments.

Warming Cabinets

Long Life, High Quality, Accurate Temperatures

Accelerate patient recovery time and reduce surgical site infections by maintaining normothermia from admission to discharge. Designed to thoroughly heat and maintain IV fluids, irrigation fluids, and blankets to healthcare or manufacturer temperature guidelines, Skytron’s broad range of warming cabinet configurations also meet storage, space, and application requirements throughout a facility.

Simplify tasks and enhance convenience with choices of remote temperature monitoring, touch screen control, or glass doors for visualization.

Stainless Products

Brilliant Healthcare Solutions

Skytron utilizes high quality 16 gauge 304 stainless steel with extremely durable welds to bring you the finest stainless steel products to use in any medical environment.


Brilliant Healthcare Lighting Solutions

From flexible positioning to direct focus control, Skytron lighting solutions are designed to give healthcare professionals more convenience and increased performance. From surgical lights to examination lamps, each lighting solution combines crisp, clear illumination with reliability and ease of use – allowing every case to be visualized in precise detail without unnecessary hassle.

Featuring a diverse range of options, Skytron offers innovative solutions for general and hybrid operating rooms, trauma bays, exam rooms, and more.

Streamline IV Transport System

New Thinking Solves Age-Old Patient Transport Problem

Streamline improves the safety of your patients while they are being transported to different areas of the hospital. Transport employees can do their jobs with ease, with the ability to move even heavy patients and multiple pumps safely and efficiently. Docking the pole directly to the bed allows employees to maneuver the bed with both hands.

Surgical Tables

Leading the way in efficiency, positioning and patient safety.

Skytron Surgical Tables were designed with end-users in mind and to handle the many challenges you face in the OR. Our portfolio includes imaging, top slide, and top rotation surgical tables with our low profile base that help eliminate risky maneuvers with patients and provide better access for surgeons during operation.


Greater Flexibility, Higher Capacity, Lower Costs

Skytron has been innovating equipment booms since the early 1990s and we continue to listen to our customers to enhance and improve their experiences in emergency rooms, operating rooms, ICUs, and more. Surgical storage carts and hospital headwalls can cause clutter and possibly trip hazards. Medical booms are designed to free the workspace and keep equipment clean and off of the ground. Skytron booms are also a great option for surgical lighting systems, making them an efficient and ideal solution for any facility.

Let’s talk about your medical equipment needs

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