Hand Surgery Tables and OR Table


Compression Garments, Cosmetic Surgery Products, Dermasurgical Products, Diagnostic Equipment, Disinfectants, Electrosurgical Products, Endoscopes, ENT Products, Face shields, Fiber-Optic Products, Headbands & Head mirrors, Headlights, Magnifiers, Needle Free Injector, Orthopedic Products, Post-op Nasal Airway, PPE, Silicone Sheeting & Blocks, Surgical Instruments


Personal Protective Equipment, Eyewear and Face Shields, Zero-Gravity Radiation Protection, Surgical Equipment Drapes and Covers, PenBlade Safety Scalpel

Pryor Products

Pediatric Care, Safety Series IV Stand, IV Stands, Computer Carts


Mobile Carts, Storage, Locks, and Exterior and Interior Accessories, Stationary Cabinets

UMF Medical

Power Exam Tables, Power Procedure Chairs, Manual Exam & Treatment Tables, Stainless Steel Storage Cabinets, Stainless Steel Foot Stools, Stainless Steel Stools, Seating, Blood Draw Chairs, Pediatrics, Cabinets, Narcotic Lockers

InFab Radiation Protection

Thyroid Shields, radiation protection lead glasses and gloves, lead apron racks, scatter radiation shields, x-ray mobile barrier, PPE gowns


Waste collection, cleaning supplies, sanitizers, recycling stations

Waterloo Healthcare Medical Carts

Emergency Carts, Bedside Nurse Server Carts, Anesthesia Carts, Isolation Carts, Specialty Carts, Patient Bin Medication Carts, Isolation Organizers, Long Term Care Medication Carts, Cart Accessories, Storage Dividers and Trays, Security Locking Systems


General Laboratory and Lab Supplies, Specimen Transportation, Clinical Laboratory, Phlebotomy, PPE & Dispensers

Precision Medical

Vacuum Regulators, Flowmeters, Blender Service Kits, Medical Air Compressors, Aspirators, Oxygen Regulators


medical recliners, stretcher chairs, chair accessories and batteries


X-ray Illuminators, X-ray Aprons, X-ray Eyewear, X-ray Barriers, X-ray Disposables, X-ray Cassettes, X-ray Markers, X-ray Positioners, X-ray DR Panel Protector, vRelated Accessories, X-ray Racks, PPE


Immunization Products, Waste Stations, Case Carts, High-Quality Medical Procedure Carts, Utility Carts, Central Supply & Distribution, Narcotics Storage Cabinets, Surgical Equipment, Exam & Patient Equipment, Housekeeping Carts

Ohio Medical

NEO2 Blend, PTS Suction Regulator, Flowmeters, Oxygen Monitors & Analyzers, Surgical/Free-Flow, Continuous High Regulator, Hoses, Flowmeters, Integrated Flowmeters
Hoses, Equipment Rail Systems, Adapters & Couplers


seca mVSA, Baby scales, Pediatric measuring systems, seca mBCA, Measuring stations,
Column scales, Flat scales, Height measuring systems, Multifunction and wheelchair scales,
Chair Scales, Organ and diaper scales, Digital portion and diet scales, Software


Exam Tables, Treatment Tables, Replacement Tops, Essentials Casework, Latitude Casework, Longitude Casework

Health o meter

Stand-on Scales, Pediatric / Neonatal Scales, Bariatric Scales, Wheelchair Scales, Chair Scales, Professional Home Care Scales, Patient Transfer Scale, Body Composition Scale, Specialty Scales
Height Measuring Instruments, Carrying Case


Diabetic Foot Care Solutions, Diagnostic and Evaluation Tools, Durable Medical Equipment, Emergency Preparedness, Ergonomics, Fall Management, Footwear, Insoles, Inserts, Infection Control, Medical Carts, Medical Imaging, Medical Staff PPE, Operating Room, Orthotic and Splinting Materials, Patient Positioners, Radiation Protection, Safety and PPE, Splints and Braces, Storage and Organization, Surgical Table Accessories, Wheelchair Cushions


Bathroom safety, Beds, extended care, Beds, homecare, Exam room furnishings, Healthcare seating, Medical/surgical, Mobility, Patient lifts, Patient rooms, Personal care/daily living aids, Respiratory, Support surfaces, Stretchers/chairs, Wheelchairs


Ambulation Devices, Bassinets, Cabinets/Casework, Case Carts, Chairs, Circulator Station, Decontamination Stations, Exam Stools, Foot Stools, Gowning Benches, Hampers, IV Stands, Mayo Stands, MR Conditional Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment, Scrub Sinks, Solution Stands/Receptacles, Surgical Utensils, Tables, Utility Carts, Warming Cabinets


Respitory Therapy, Personal Care, Powered Mobility, Patient Transfer, Beds and Mattresses


Quad Column, Triple Column, Double Column, Single Column Medical Storage


Examination Chairs, Digital Diagnostics, Diagnostic Instruments, Workstations, Synthesis® Cabinetry, Real-Time Locating System, Power Procedure Chairs, LED Lighting, Instrument Processing, Manual Examination Tables, Seating

WT Farley

Regulators, Medical Gas Fittings, MRI product line, Pulse oximeters, Flowmeters, Insufflation accessories


Ultrasound equipment, physical therapy equipment, procedure charis, urology medical equipment, imaging and pain management equipment

Cone Instruments

Imaging Supplies and Accessories, Apparel & Disposables, Diagnostics & Patient Monitoring, Medical Furnishings, Chairs & Stools, Imaging Tables, Disposable Barrier Protection, Eyewash and General Disinfection, Positioning Devices, Immobilizers, Radiation Protection, Lenses for Radiation Protection Eyewear, Lead Aprons, Ergonomic Solutions, Ultrasound Probe Covers


Healthcare Scales, Measurement Stands, Tilt & Roll Wheelchair Scales, Folding Wheelchair Scales, Specialty Wheelchair Scales, Column & Portable Platform Scales, Neonatal Scales


Medical Chairs and Medical Stools


Mounting Arms, Counter Top Mounts, Counter Top Mounts, Ceiling Mounts, Patient Overbed Table, Carts and Roll Stands, Light Duty Roll Stands, Standard Roll Stands, Fetal Monitoring Workstations, Fetal Monitoring Workstations

Innovative Products Unlimited

Walkers, Shower Chairs, Shower Benches and Toilet Safety Frames, Shower Chair Commodes, Access Chairs, Linen Hampers, Carts
Specialty Carts, Mobile Shower Beds, Patient Room, MRI Compatible Products, Pool Products

MAC Medical

Laminate Mobile Medical Carts, Warming Cabinets, Stretchers, Prep & Pack Workstations, Surgical Scrub Sinks, Processing Sinks, Casework, Medical Tables, Medical Carts, IV Stands, Mayo Stands, Solution Stands, Linen Hampers, Kick Buckets, Step Stools and More


Bracing, Orthopedic soft goods, Rehabilitation, Temperature therapy, Electrotherapy
Falls management, Patient safety, Pressure ulcer management, Temperature monitoring
Patient positioning, Minimally invasive, Electrosurgical, Facial protection, Unitized delivery system, Waste fluid management, Negative pressure wound therapy, Advanced wound care
Burn treatment, Wound care


Physician Scales, Wheel Chair Scales, Bariatric Scales, Chair Scales, Pediatric Scales, Medical Arts, Home Healthcare Scales, Bathroom Scales, Patient Lift Scales, Wet Diaper Scales, Chux Underpad Scales, In-Floor Dialysis Scales, Stretcher Scales, In-Bed Scales, Stadiometers, Waste Receptacles, Glove Box Holders

MPD Medical Systems

Emergency Carts, Anesthesia/Treatments, Isolation Carts, Mini Towers/Carts, Wide/Med Carts, Medication Carts, Specialty Carts, Value Carts


Bassinets, Cabinets & Shelving, Carts, Footstools, Hampers, Infusion Pump & I.V. Stands, Mayo Stands, Seating & Stools, Stretcher Series, Tables, Warmers


Storage, Stainless Steel, Case Carts, Scrub Sinks, Pharmacy Storage, Warming Cabinets

Welch Allyn

Hospital Beds, Patient Monitoring, Patient Lifts, Mobility Abulation Lift, Patient Positioning Tables and more


Medical Carts, Utility Carts, Storage, PPE and Sanitation Sations, Shelving and Racks

Burton Medical

Exam & Procedure Lights, Magnifiers, Surgical, Headlights, Task Lights, Halogen


Wheelchairs, lift chairs, cpap and supplies, portable concentrators, braces and post OP supplies

Newmatic Medical

Furniture, Document Display, Floor Mats, Lighting, MRI Hampers,  MRI Ladders and Step Stools,  MRI Accessories, Infection Control
Disinfectants, Glove Dispensers, Health Hygiene Centers, Medical Gloves, MRI Accessories, Titanium Hex Keys, Titanium Plier, Patient Comfort
Blanket Warmer, Immobilizers, Patient Monitoring, Radiology, Lead Aprons, Lead Eyewear and Gloves, Lead Scatter Protection and Shields
X-Ray Markers

Parker Labs

Ultrasonic transmission gel, ultrasound gel, ultrasound lotion, electrode gel and creams, disinfectant sprays.

HealthCare Logistics

Infection Prevention, Unit Dose, Cutters, Crushers, Cups and Organizers Compounding and Dispensing IV Accessories and Injectables, ENFit Enteral Feeding Supplies Nursing Supplies Labels and Labeling Tape, Storage Cabinets, Shelving and Room Accessories Cold Storage and Accessories, Temperature,  Monitoring Carts and Accessories, Lab Supplies, Plastic Bags, Error Prevention, Pharmacy Supplies, Emergency Medical Supplies, Printing and Graphics, Gifts and Collectables


Medical Tables & Equipment, Therapy/Rehab Tables & Equipment, Cabinetry & Storage, Proteam™ For Training Rooms

Summit Appliance

Pharmacy & Vaccine Storage, Medical & Lab Refrigerators, Medical & Lab Freezers, Low Temperature Freezers, General Purpose & ADA Refrigerators, General Purpose & ADA Freezers, Foodservice & Break Room, MOMCUBE Breast Milk Storage, Blanket Warmers

David Scott Co

Anesthesia Screens, Surgical Arm Positioners, Bariatric, Disposable Surgical Accessories,
Endoscopy, Glove Box Holders, Hampers, Hand Surgery Tables, Hip Positioners, Medical Instruments, IV Poles, MR Safe Equipment, Pediatric Positioners, Prone Positioners

Fluke Medical

Defibrillator Analyzers, Digital Pressure Meters, Electrical Safety Analyzers, Electrosurgery Analyzers, Gas Flow Analyzers, Incubator Radiant Warmer Analyzers, Infusion Pump Analyzers, Patient Monitor Simulators, Phototherapy Radiometer, Portable Oscilloscopes

Cooper Surgical

Obstetrical and Neonatal Care, Workstations, Caloscope, Hysteroscopy Scopes, Retractors, Positioning Sytems

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